The Miracle of a Phone Call (Day 80)

First of all...
The love of my life has hit 26 years of air-breathing wonder.
The day we got engaged, if he looks a lil drunk it's because he 1. was teary-eyed from proposing and 2. had a few shots of Jack in him ;-)

A quick shout out to him... the most amazing man I've met. The man who made my life make sense, who made everything work out, the best kisser and most tolerable person (I mean, he deals with me, HELLO) with the sexy back and poop-brown eyes. I hope you had a safe birthday filled with your favorite kind of MRE. :)
Riding in a humvee in AP Hill Va, stole the pic from his FB

A few hours ago, I got just what I needed - a phone call from my hottie tottie Marine babe. I had been getting increasingly agitated and grumpy the past week from not hearing from him and hearing all this crap and not know what to believe and... ah it had just built. But this morning when my phone rang with that weirdo number I felt my heart lift and the weight begin to fall off my shoulders. My babe is ok, he sounds good actually, and even less tired than the last time I talked to him (weird because I'd assume he's busier now, probably more energized due to the lift in the boredom). He is attached to a new company, Charlie, which is neat because that is my "deployment wife"'s husband's company (are you following along... haha). He said they let him use the phone for his bday - woop woop.

He asked what we were gonna do with the house. I told him I'm still undecided and he sounds to be in the same predicament; awesome, no help from the Mr... but it's ok because we've still got time (I'm going to be saying that until we run out of time and are stuck). He agrees with me though and doesn't want to get stuck with a mortgage but he also told me that he might choose to stay with this unit longer so he can go on the MEU with them next deployment (it's rumored to be a MEU next in 2012, we'll see how true that is...) I'm not sure how I feel about this possibility but that's all it is right now a possibility, every time I talk to him he's got a different career idea. He mentioned base housing again but I just don't think that'd be the best fit for us, I could be wrong... and he also said we could look for a bigger place to rent, key problem with that is places bigger that I've looked into cost more than the mortgage on our house would... ah.

But it wasn't a totally business convo, that was just one thing he was wondering about. We talked about what he's been doing a little bit and he continues to assure me that he's not going on patrols but staying at the company's headquarters... however that may be set up I don't really know, but it is slightly comforting that he's not actively patrolling. We talked about BINGO (dammit I forgot to tell him about O-69!) and baby girl and just told each other we loved each other (what an awkward sentence...). I don't usually detail our convos but I'm pretty excited about hearing from him sooo... deal. Heh.

One bad part about phone calls though, is every time I get off the phone I think of things I forgot to say/ask. Is his address different since he's attached to someone new? (I'd imagine not, his mail will probably just take a bit longer, I'd assume). How's the weather? (Doesn't seem important but I'm always curious). And there are other things too but I can't remember them right now so they mustn't have been that important. But it happens everytime we talk on the phone I think of a million things I want to tell him or want to know after the call has ended. Oh well, something to talk about next time I suppose.

In baby news, I think someone is hitting a growth spurt today. 6 weeks old on daddy's 26th bday haha. She has eaten every hour since she's been awake and has been a total grumpy pants. Now she is taking her mid morning nap, hopefully she'll be in a better, less hungry, mood when she wakes up. Now I'm deciding what I should do while she sleeps (other than blog which I'm about to be finished woop woop!) A nap is sounding super appealing to me right about now...
How cute are these tiny feets? And yes, my shirt (actually the hubs') says "I Heart Hot Moms"


  1. Yay! So glad he called, happy birthday mr. p! I love seeing pics of Ariana, she's sooo cute!

  2. Happy birthday Mr. P! Glad you got to talk to him on his birthday! :)

  3. Ariana ia gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday Mr P!

  4. OMG!!! I LOVE the shirt I was fixing to ask if thats what it said AHAHHAHHAA LOVE IT...HAPPY Birthday to your hubby...

  5. Happy birthday to him! Glad he's okay!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr. P! So glad you got to talk to him :) And you are totally cute blonde!

  7. Glad you got to talk to him on his birthday! I love the shirt!

  8. I'm totally late on this, but YAY! for getting to talk to him on his birthday.

    I actually own that same shirt. Well, it's not mine, but I've basically adopted it.

  9. Aww.. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!

    I left an award for you on my blog :)

  10. HOT MOM!
    WHen my hubby was still in NZ (obviously, I know it is not the same as your hubby being on deployment) BUT...I USED to forget Half the things I wanted to day during our scheduled phone calls. I KEPT a page in my planner- I KEPT a list. Sometimes in my planner, sometimes on the notes part of my phone...or on post its. BUT, if you think of something, just jot it down so you remember. DOES he get access to the internet for emails???

  11. Your baby girl is so beautiful :)

    Happy birthday to the Mr! and O-69 cracks me up.


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