Hello There, Why Are You Crying? I Know You're Trying Your Best

*Warning, this could possibly, make you cry*

I can't believe I didn't post this sooner, and I had to scour the interwebs in order to re-find it. I had posted it on my facebook page but I mean as many times a day as I post on FB there's no way I'd find something posted weeks ago.

Anyway, this is a video taken by the combat news team with my husband's unit from the day he deployed, 8 Dec 2009.
One of my bestest NC gals, Lori, and her hubby are 50 seconds in. My friend Kristin's son is playing around at 1:29. Mr. P's SSgt, Roger, and his little girl Naomi, make an appearance at 2:55, his son and my friend Rachael, his wife, at 3:00. And Hubby and I (and Ari in the womb) make our YouTube debut at 3:49.

I believe videos like this put a real face on the war. This is me and my friends and their families saying goodbye to the most important person in our lives. When you see it on the news, it's sad but it's like... not close to home, ya know? At least that's how it was for me before... Even growing up in the military environment and supporting the troops the way I always have, I never really knew anyone over there, not like this. And actually watching people saying goodbye to their love? It's heartbreaking.

I cry every time I watch this. You may ask why... that's not very smart, Mrs. P, to watch more than once... But in reality, that was the last time I saw my husband. Held him. Kissed him. Felt him. It's bittersweet, I suppose.
I got a phone call today. And one yesterday. It's never enough. I just miss him. So, so, so much. Every time the baby is fussy or I'm having a bad moment, I miss him more and then my bad moments turn into awful moments. I just wish he were back here with us.

The song from the video, Lit "Lullaby"
Hello there, how was your day? Sorry that I was away
Hello there, how is the weather? Sorry I'm not there to play
I'm trying just to make it better for you I know it's hard to understand
(la la la la la)
I'm always gonna love you..... I promise you I promise.. you..
(la la la la la)
Always thinkin' of you..... I promise you I promise.. you..

Hello there, why are you crying? I know you're trying your best
To be good, now for your Mother, hold her and tell her we're gonna be ok.
I never meant to make you feel so bad, hope some day you'll understand..

Bah bah black sheep have you any wool?
yes sir yes sir three bags full

Can you tell I've had a pretty emotional day today? Sorry for the sappy post... But I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you haven't said goodbye to a loved one or a friend as they headed into a combat zone, it helped you put a face, a name, a family.... to what is going on and what military families sacrifice for this nation.

Oorah, Semper Fi.


  1. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for posting the video. Your husband is a hero :)

  2. I think I'm just as emotional because the video barely started and I was in tears.

    I wish people understood it the way that only we can. I'm struggling with this right now with people I've known for years. I can't even come up with the right words I want to say because I'm crying. I just want to give you a hug, and share in the emotion, because it doesn't feel like anything anyone else understands.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I cried the whole time I watched it. Thanks for putting a face on what we're experiencing.

  4. Wow! I'm sitting at work watching the video and now I have tears in my eyes because my hubs is leaving March 21st for boot camp and then he will be going to his schooling everyone tells me since he's going into the Army nad he's going to be doing Petrolium Supply Specilaist that he will be leaving to go over seas when we get stationed somewhere I knew getting into this that this could happen but I hope its not anytime soon..

  5. I know this sounds pretty weird, but I hope that this is the hardest thing you ever have to go through. I'm sure it never gets easier, and people are stupid if they ever say that, but you ARE getting stronger. I know that your daughter will learn to be strong from you, even from this early age.

    I wasn't able to watch the video because I'm at work, but I'll definitely do it tonight. I can't imagine ever having to do what you did and I really respect you for having the courage to stay strong through all of this.

  6. Hi found you from your visit to my blog. Your blog is so cute and congratulations on your new life. My hubs returned from A-stan in Nov. He was on the first push and he is on Lejeune as well. We are headed to 3/4 this summer and kinda looking forward to it. I know this life is full of ups and downs and tons of emotion but so worth it. Have a great weekend, thank your hero for us from his Marine Family!

  7. Thank you to your Husband for all he is doing! and thank you to you as well. I found you through another blog that I follow :)
    I know what that feeling is like watching your loved one leave. I have been in that exact position. While I am no longer a marine wife, I once was and I understand the emotion completely. I hope your weekend is good :) Take care!!

  8. You have a confession mention!
    stop by the modg.

  9. I don't know why I watched this...I started crying before it even started. Then I realized it was better if I watched without the music. It just brought me back to the day when Robbie left. I totally get what you mean by saying you keep watching it because it just brings you back to the last time you were with him and I can only imagine how that makes you feel. I think it is very cool that his unit had a video like this made! I know the phone calls don't seem like enough but hang in there...you are so strong! You have a very lucky little girl to have such a brave Mama!

  10. I saw this when you put it on FB but I watched it again. Love you and I am here whenever you need me. I know it's difficult to do, but don't think about when he left or the fact that he's gone, but think about the AMAZING reunion you'll have when he gets home. There will be no better feeling on EARTH than running into his arms and holding him for the first time in so many months. I promise.

    -Shan D

  11. aw, THAT is so sad. Made me cry. I do not have anyone close to me over there at this time, and I really cant imagine what that moment was like for you...but I am pretty sure, I would watch that video over and over too!

  12. oh dear God, its 0507 and that video is a freaking tear jerker...... thank you so much for sharing that intense part of your life... IT IS THOSE BRAVE SOULS, fighting for our freedom over there and GOD love everyone of them and THEIR family!



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