A Quick Message to the Media

Dear News,
Please stop reporting things that make me scared for my husband and the men in his unit. Please stop reporting things that may give the enemy an advantage. Please just report nice things that make me feel less scared about this whole situation.
Thank you.

Yours truly,
Mrs. P


  1. I agree! I gave you an award at my blog : )

  2. I was that way my first deployment. This time, I don't watch any of it. It doesn't hurt that I have no television channels but I still wouldn't watch them even if I did.

    And it does make me so mad how they tell our hubbys to be all OPSEC and not tell people this and that but it's okay for them to post things on websites and in the news??? WTF! Grr.

  3. I second that whole-heartedly!!

    I know he's safe, because I talked to him yesterday. But that doesn't mean I'm any less worried when I read bad things in the news!!

  4. Amen! Those people haven't been on our side in years.

  5. Or at least report on more of the good thins that are happening...


  6. Stopping in from the blog hop, I wish the media would listen to you! Praying for your husband this morning and for you. Thank you to you both for your service and sacrifice.


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