CAPTCHA and Smize (The Grievances of a Bored Internet Junkie)

Ok, real quick two grievances I need to discuss.

1. Captchas.
What ARE those words? Randmoo? Moinc? Really??
All you out there with captchas that need to be filled before leaving a comment, I loathe youuuu. Ok, obviously I don't because I'm going through the pain and agony of filling in that word to leave you a love comment. But I do loathe the captcha. Actually, sometimes it makes me giggle, like when it was randmoo. I could totally see myself using that "Omg. That guy talkin to you at the bar was soo randmoo!" Ok, maybe not. I just don't get where they find these words. Why can't it be normal words like "random" or "coin"?? I guess computer programs can figure out and automatically fill in normal words and that would defeat the captcha's purpose? Maybe...
2. When people don't smile with their eyes.
This has nothing to do with any bloggers, actually facebook lead to this realization. I was looking at people's photos (mmk, stalking) and there are some people who it looks like their smile never reaches their eyes! Are these smiles even genuine? Are they really happy? It bothers me, I just want to shake them and tell them LAUGH, life is FUN! Smiling only with your mouth is weird. But smiling only with your eyes is weird too, a la Tyra Banks' "Smize" from Top Model. That was super weird, those models deffo didn't look happy (maybe if they'd eaten a donut first they'd be super-smizing!) A good heart felt smile from happiness shows in both the mouth and the eyes. Remember that when you're getting your photo taken - if you're really thinking about how uncomfortable your shoes are, even if you're "smiling," it's probably going to show up in the picture.
Smize does.not.equal Smile


  1. Agreed Smize does NOT equal smileing lol...Hope your having a great monday!

    Stephanie H.

  2. Did you see that bit she did on Larry King where she talked about how models smile with their eyes...and she looked at the camera and just stared at it like an idiot?

    She's a joke. I have respect for modeling because I know it's not easy, but I find her to be quite ridiculous.

  3. I am the same way about those stupid word verifications. I know that all those security things are in place when you start a blog - but guess what? You can turn them off! What I *really* don't get are the people who have the word verification AND owner approval. One or the other seems like enough to me. Both seems like overkill. And you can always go back and delete comments, anyway.

  4. I don't like the word verification either! It's funny that you posted about smiling with your eyes...Mom and I were just discussing that. She was picking out a new picture of me for one of her frames. I told her just make sure I am smiling with my eyes too! haha

  5. I agree with both but especially the captchas... they totally crack me up sometimes. I find it especially amusing when the captcha becomes ironic in relation to whatever page it's on... know what i mean?

  6. I understand not liking the captchas, but I've lately been dealing with a lot of comment spam, so I'm definitely keeping mine. I know they're a pain in the ass, but I also hate the random bots that post.

    I don't really get the whole obsession with Tyra. I've never watched her show or America's next top model. She makes no sense!

  7. I hate those silly words...they drive me batty!



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