A Toilet Seat. Seriously (Care Packages Galore Day 52!)

First, let me apologize for what a crap blogger I have been. We have just packed up and "moved" from NC to my parents house in MD. It's not a permanent thing, just an extended visit so I can continue to have a lil extra help while hubby's away. We'll be back and forth between our home and my parents for the next few months before settling back in to NC in May(ish). So with the new baby girl here and all the moving and craziness, blogging hasn't been a top priority, I'm truly sorry my loves! I have been reading all your wonderful posts tho even if I haven't been commenting as much as usual. Also, I'm going to post the answers from the Q&A on Monday, so if you haven't done so yet, head on back and ask me a question!

So, wow, 52 days we've been at this deployment thing! It feels like both "just yesterday" and "forever ago" that I last saw my Marine. I have been very fortunate lately in the fact that he's had pretty regular access to email so I get to talk to him often. I like it but I hate getting used to that kind of thing because then he moves or they lose comm or whatever and I don't hear from him for even a day and I panic. I have to remember to remain calm.

Recently, I sent hubby his second care package of this deployment (yes, only second, I've chosen to space them out. I had been sending him regular letters, but as I said above, life is just catching up to me and I haven't had much time for anything besides Ari these few weeks). One day, a week or so ago, when he called he told me there was one thing he could really use. Anything my dear, I told him. What was that thing?? Well, a toilet seat, of course! Yeah, I was pretty surprised when that was his answer, too. Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly?? Toilet seat!? Yup. He said where he's at he sits on basically a wooden box with a hole in it and "It pinches my ass" sooo a toilet seat would make his stay much more comfortable. He says also that members of the ANA don't sit on the "seat" provided, they instead stand on the box and squat over the hole (umm... gross.) so there's always mud and gross stuff (gag, gag, gag) on the box. So of course, due to hygeine concerns and my poor baby's ass, I went out an purchased a nice squishy toilet seat from WalMart. My dad had to help rig a box together to send it because all the boxes I had were either way too big or way too small so we had to modify one so it would be just right. The toilet seat is now on it's way to the sand box, and my husband will soon have the most pampered ass in the whole Corps. Told ya I was an awesome wife.

I am also preparing his Valentine's Day/Birthday Package. I am not going all out super awesome here's a ton of stuff, because whatever I send to him, he has to lug around the rest of the time over there. I've decided to bake some Snickerdoodles (his fave), send some more pics of Ari and myself, and maybe do up a lil calendar thing for him. Maybe. I guess we're just not big gift-y people. We never have been huge on gifts and it's fine by both of us. Maybe one day when we hit the lottery I'll buy him a leer jet or a small island or something to make up for it... Until then a toilet seat and snicker doodles will have to cut it.

Also, quick bloggy question - how do I get fancy writing with my name at the bottom of my post, or some other lil signature thang? I see a lot of you ladies have them and I want one. Now. Thanks :)


  1. You don't even have to apologise to us, you just had a baby, you're a busy girl! : )

  2. mysignature.com I'm pretty sure thats the site. then you save it to your HD and add it as a pic at the end of the post

  3. Yeah, i'm surprised you've been blogging as much as you have! You have a newborn!!! The toilet seat cracks me up. Hubby told me about those guys standind up like that, eeeewww. I can just imagine your hubby carrying around his toilet seat whenever he needs to go. Lol.

    For my post signature, I made my own (you could use Picnik.com) and then followed the directions here > http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/blog-secrets/140-how-to-add-a-signature-to-your-blog-posts-updated.html

  4. I'm in the surprised camp as well! I'm glad you're blogging, because I enjoy reading your page, though!

    I got my signature from Abbie at Satisfy my Soul. I don't know how to do the linky thing on here, but you can follow the link on my page if you want to ask her for one.

    I absolutely love that you send him a toilet seat. That's hilarious! I hope he enjoys it!

  5. omg that is another level. poor guy.

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