Ariana's Arrival Part One (See Ya In An Hour!)

Ok first, a few disclaimers.
One. Any post labeled Ariana's arrival is gonna be about birth (obvi) so if you're not interested in reading about it, it makes you feel weird, or any other reason you may not want to read, then just don't read. Just a head's up about the topics at hand ;-)
Two. I'm writing this as she sleeps so I don't know if I'll get the whole thing out (hence the "Part One" portion) and if I do it may be a little long, bare with me.
Three. I'm working on catching up on all of my lovely bloggy friends, but I know you understand that I'm super behind and am slow at the catch up process.

That being said here we go...

Begin Thursday morning, 940 (ish) in the morning. I've got my 38 week check up (I was 38 weeks, one day at this actual check up) with my original midwife (here on abbreviated with MW). Got my weight checked (not pretty) then headed in to the appointment where I was checked. Turns out I was 4, almost 5 cm dilated. MW asked if I wanted my membranes stripped so I said sure if it'd speed things along, she did that and said to me "Ok, I give you about an hour or two. Go and have a light lunch because they will starve you once you're admitted, then come back in two hours tops, sooner if your water breaks, you're gonna have a baby soon." Let me just say, she wasn't kidding about them starving you.

Went home and had a grilled cheese sandwich and a pineapple yogurt and played some Mario Bros Wii with mom (yes, I'm serious). Contractions were irregular and uncomfortable at most. We ended up waiting about 3 hours because I kept telling my mom I just don't feel like I'm in labor. We headed in though, because MW had said so. We got to L&D and it was a full house. They asked if I was ok to wait in the waiting room for a triage room to open up and I was like yeah sure, no prob! I walked around the ward trying to speed things along, and continued getting contractions which had become about 5 min apart but I was still able to talk through them.

When a triage bed was available, I was moved in there and checked. They always check ya out before admitting you, because so many people come in with false alarms. I had myself convinced they were going to tell me I wasn't having strong enough contractions and were gonna send me home, thinking I was overreacting even coming in, but luckily MW had sent up my file and told them I'd be there and they knew what to expect. The doctor that checked me said I was a full 5, on the way to 6 (I was later told by another MW and a nurse that I felt more 4 almost 5 at that time, I guess size really is relative haha) and I was admitted. I was officially admitted to labor and delivery at 1500 (3pm) Thursday, January 14.
Thumbs up to being admitted, lets get this show on the road
Just showing you I was having a great hair day, clearly it was the day for magic to happen

Contractions continued on the same path, about 5 min apart and 5 cm dilated, I decided to walk the hospital again. By this time, I was getting hungry and wasn't allowed to eat. I was also getting pretty bored. I was ready for things to speed along and did not wanna just sit in the hospital all night.
I was antsy to get the show speeding along, I am such an impatient person!

Ok, be on the lookout for part two, gonna spend some time with mom playing Mario to kill some boredom while Ari is sleepin.


  1. My last meal was Arby's. Haha...

  2. Oops.. I wasn't done. Yeah, they do starve you. Arby's was my last meal and then when the hospital brought me food after Riley was born, I got a hamburger... and i'm a vegetarian. Lol...

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures! You make having a baby sound so easy and look so fun. I'll have to read all of this again whenever I actually get pregnant.

  4. I have something for you over at my blog

  5. Can I just say that I love how much you're obsessed with Mario Wii even though you have a newborn? Now that's being a supermom.


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