Progression (I'm REALLY About to Be a Mom)

Not to sound repetitive or anything, but I'm going to be a mom.

This time, I'm not kidding. I went to the doc today for my 37 week checkup and some cultures. Miss thang has dropped, I am about 3cm dilated and 70% effaced.

She could be here any day LITERALLY!!!!! She could come... like... rightnow.
OR it could be weeks.

That's the part I hate... the fact that it could be any minute but I don't know which minute. Yeesh, high stress.

When the midwife told me this today, I thought I was going to throw up. The truth of the matter, if you hadn't noticed from my last post, is that I am getting a little nervous. And I really thought I had at least 3 more weeks. As much as I say hurry up hurry up, it's also like, wooooah now?! It's also a bit sad because I wanted to call Mr. P and tell him this news and, obviously, I couldn't do that. Mom said after I heard that I just looked petrified. Haha, I guess I just wasn't expecting to hear I'd progressed at all. Surprise! The midwife scheduled me for my next checkup in one week, but she says she personally doesn't think I'll make it that long. I think now that it's sunk in I'm back to being ready - get here, get here!!! But at first it really was a whole scary idea... any minute!

So... be on the lookout for the Labor post. Or the, why isn't she here yet post... if she decides to be stubborn.


  1. Oh, i'm so excited!!! Will Mr. P be able to at least be present via a phonecall or webcam when you do give birth?

  2. Well, I would call someone from his command (someone still in the US) and ask them if there is any way THEY can get ahold of him faster. It really just depends on where he's at exactly and his command. But maybe they can help. Your mom is there right? Make sure to have lots of pictures and videos after she's born!

  3. WOW SO CLOSE! How exciting. Just remind yourself to breathe and enjoy your last few nights of uninterupted sleep! Can't wait to see your labor posts.


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