Your Voice is the Soundtrack of My... Life (Day 36)

Finally, Finally, Finally!!! *Jumps up and down with excitement!*

Oh no, don't get too excited, I'm not in labor. Yet.

The other best thing, I got to talk to the hubbers two times today. Ooooorah!! It's like he knew I really just needed to hear him and know he was ok, and there he was. He's always got pretty great timing like that. First he called me at 3 this morning (I'd just gone to bed about a half hour before... oops) and I could baaarely hear him. It actually kind of upset me because the call was a total of 9 minutes and some odd seconds of mostly "What" and "Babe are you there?" 's. It wasn't like the line was static-y, it was just the volume made it so I could only just hear him. In my sleepy stupor I said to him, "Babe, are you there? Your voice is so little!" But that is the best way to describe how it sounded, just like a tiny voice coming through the phone. Luckily he called again around 1pm my time and I got 41 minutes and 44 seconds of uninterrupted hubby time! It was pretty fab, I gotta say. We got to catch up, he knows I'm still preggo but could have this little girl any minute. He told her to come on out. A friend of mine had a theory that she was waiting to hear from daddy to know that he's available to be contacted when the time comes and to know he's ok before making her debut, so maybe now that we know what's up with daddy she can continue on the great descent. Fingers crossed that's all it takes ;-) So thanks for everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers that I'd hear from him soon. He sounds good, very tired (says he's been working 18 hour days, ouch), but sounds like he's staying as positive as possible which is one thing I pride in both myself and in him, we just try to keep our spirits up. He's so amazing and I'm so proud of him, just to gush for a second.

In other news, walked the mall today and picked up both "The Last Song" and "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks, as I've been hearing such rave reviews about both books and I always try to read the book before seeing the movie (although it doesn't always happen that way...) so I'll be reviewing those myself in the near future. Also visited the PX and the commissary today to pick up some necessities. During these trips I experienced a good deal of contractions here and there but of course nothing regular. Argh. I thought, Dear Uterus, that we had this conversation earlier in the week?! Get with it!! Mom has a feeling they may be telling me about a lot more progress at the appointment tomorrow and may just end up admitting me but we'll see, I'm not getting my hopes up. Her daddy reminded me of his stubbornness on the phone today, as to when she may decide to come. Her mama is impatient, her daddy is stubborn; could go either way - yikes.

We're watching American Idol (again) and there are another 2 points I'd like to make tonight (I really don't typically watch this show, as I said before I think it's getting a bit "played out" but hey it's on and I like laughing at people so... whatevs) 1. Mary J. Blige is rude and I just do not like her personality on the show at all. 2. I loved Guitar Girl's voice, I thought she rocked that song, regardless of her ridiculous outfit.

Alright that's all my 38 weeks preggo self has got for now, sorry if it was just rambling about the hubs and the baby but, hey, that's my life these days! Hope ya'll had a fantastic hump day ;-)


  1. I'm SO glad you heard from your husband. Yea! Yea! Yea!!! :)

    Also - you're going to love those books. I have a love/hate relationship with "Dear John" it's amazing but I hate it too. LOL - we can discuss more once you read them both. Let me know when you finish!

  2. Yay, glad you got to hear from him! :)
    I regularly walked at Walmart in the later weeks of my pregnancy and would have killer contractions, I joked I was going to have my baby there.... never did.
    I have Dear John coming in the mail! Lol... you'll have a lot of time to read while you're feeding the little one. :)

  3. Yay!!! I'm so excited that you heard from your hubs I know you were super excited....You might have already told everyone but I'm just now getting the hang of this blog thig lol..I was wondering what are you going to name your little princess??? I hope you had a great day..


  4. I'm glad you got to her from your hubby. I picked up 'Dear John' too. I haven't read it yet. I'm debating on reading it before the movie. I wanna be surprised. Can't wait to see your little girl!

  5. Awww yay for hearing from the hubby and good luck at your appointment tomorrow!


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