The One Month Post

Today marks a whole month since my hubby left for the land of the sand. I've made it a WHOLE month. Pat on the back.

And in this month, with impending labor, and wishing I could speed it along I am realizing...

I have not had sex in a month. Yikes. Insert SUPER sad face here. And sex, which is supposed to help speed up labor, is obviously not an option. And it's going to be such a long time before I get to indulge again. Again... sad face. Not to sound like a pervo but... I mean, sex with my hubby is wonderful and I miss it. So there ya go, TMI in the life of The P's.

In other, non perverted news, Baby Girl's room is set up (kinda). She's got sheets on her bed... she's got her changing table set up, the glider is put together, the stroller is put together... we got lots done today - yay us (me and mom, we're quite the team). It actually looks (somewhat) like a nursery. There aren't decorations up or anything because we're moving so much, once we get into the new house it will be phenom and she'll have the prettiest nursery on the block. Promise.

Also, I packed my bag today. I bet your wondering, Mrs. P, at 37 weeks pregnant, why hadn't you done the nursery or packed your bag yet? And the only answer I can give to that is... well... I'm a procrastinator. In my defense I was running around getting stuff ready for the Mr's deployment as well as shuffling between houses and preparing for the holidays, but excuses aside, I'm a procrastinator. Now that everything's done, Baby P is most likely going to take her sweet time... ugh.

I am experiencing some irregular contractions this evening, but nothing really noteworthy. My very dear friend Mags and her two beautiful babies are coming to visit me and she wanted to make sure I was still preggo when she visited, so hopefully right after Mags sees me Miss Thang will be like Ok, did Mags a favor now I can hop out! Hahaha... here's to wishful thinking.


  1. Yeah... about the sex thing. It will only get worse. Now that i've lost all the baby weight and it could be just me and him.. not the three of us... I really really want to, but can't. *sigh*

  2. A whole month with no - you go girl!!! Soon your little girl will be here and you won't have time to miss it. :)

  3. aww hun...! it will be so soon. Sorry your man is away, will he get to be home for the birth? Dont they get two weeks of leave when a baby is born? Or maybe I'm confusing with something else...either way...thoughts and prayers are with you!

  4. Hey Im a new reader who is a few days behind you on the deployment status and I am a few months behind you on the pregnancy so I am so glad I found your blog and I can see how brave you are being going through it alone!

  5. Hello ma'am. Check out my blog - I left you some love!

  6. wow I give you credit. I don't know how you do it. Keep going!

  7. I just came across your blog and congrats on your baby girl!!

    Have a FABULOUS week!


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