Dear Contractions...

If you're not going to amount to anything (i.e. Labor), then it'd be nice if you would just leave. I mean, if you're gonna get regular and produce a baby then come on, bring it. But if not, if you're just going to toy with my emotions, well then take a hike.

Mrs. P

Also, if I do make it to my appointment on Thursday (yeah, the one the midwife said "Oh I don't think we'll be seeing you next week, I think you'll have a baby before then!") I may just punch her in the face. I knoooow I'm only 37.5 weeks and I shouldn't be complaining (I know so many people that are past-due) but she got my hopes up and I thought she'd be here and so now I'm like... Hey, what's up?! Contractions have been coming all day but so freakin' randomly. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes it's just a tightening of the belly... but so far nothing has come of them. Maybe tomorrow... 12 is my lucky number, after all.

In other news, day 4 of not hearing from hubs, I hate those days. And, well that's about all, there's nothing else to report. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful, but probably not.


  1. Ya know, I think baby people say those things to keep your morale high... My doctor said the same thing to me and sure enough... all those contractions and cramps for nothing. Hope you hear from your hubby soon!!!

  2. Ahh I cant beleive how close you are now..I am praying for you that you get to the end and you hear from the hubby soon!

  3. You can rant away. It is so annoying to constantly have people look at me in shock when I say I work or I have a degree. That's exciting you may have your lil one soon! Good luck with everything!! Hope you hear from your hubby


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