The Most Interesting Day (Not Necessarily in the Good Way)

Well yesterday was interesting, to put it lightly.

The day started out early as mom and I were taken to the train station by dad to begin our journey. This whole thing went pretty smoothly and in no time we were on the train headed to DC from Harford County. In DC, we had about a 2 hour delay, so we went to McDs for breakfast. After going pee, I came back to mom with the baggage and a look on her face that said "What in the hell are we doing here?!" as she handed me my purse and said "don't put this down." Then she told me about a kid that was going through the trash can eating people's left overs. It's sad, but it still creeps you out especially if if you're not used to it, as many of the commuters going through the station seemed to be. The man next to us said good morning and then proceeded to drink someone's left behind coffee with approximately 27 sugars while laughing at... I can only assume... whomever was in his head.

As we walked around in an attempt to make our 2 hours go as quickly as possible, we decided to go outside to cool off (it was about 85 degrees in the station) and for mom to have a quick smoke. As she chucked her butt into the butt-can, she missed and a the man standing by the can said that he'd get it. She thanked him and we went to walk in, as we looked up to open the door, we noticed that the man was smoking the chucked-butt. Like I said, really creepy if you're not used to it. I'm not trying to be insensitive or make light of people less fortunate, it's just something I'm not used to and therefore is memorable.

Our train continued and continued to get delayed and no one in the station was really helpful about what was going on and we were slightly worried that something was wrong with the train. Sooo, I called Amtrak (yes, from inside the station) and was utterly shocked to learn the reason for the delay was that the southbound lines were all stopped from Baltimore North because a tresspasser on the tracks had been struck and killed in Baltimore. We learned later this person was a 14 year old girl walking to school (the news is now saying she was ditching, but either way, a 14 year old girl). How sad, I feel really really bad for her family and friends.

We finally boarded our train at around 1 in the afternoon. The train attendant was a spunky old woman who was very nit-picky and stuck in her ways (possible OCD) and yelled at mom at one point when she tried to sit somewhere else when I was sleeping. The woman in front of me had her music so loud on her headphones it woke me up from my sleep. The bathrooms hadn't been emptied and had a rather pungent smell. It was basically the total opposite of my train trip going home, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The seats, however, were super roomy and if I ever do take another train trip I will definitely go business class again, definitely worth it.

We arrived in NC around 630 and had about a two hour drive into Jacksonville where we hit up Golden Corral for some much needed pigging out. Our waitress there seemed to have some kind of trouble understanding me (Seriously, I asked her where the bathroom was and she gave me a total blank look. I repeated bathroom? and she said Bathroom. Well it's right around here... after again staring blankly at me... and No, there was no accent or hint of her being a non-native English speaker) Then we finally headed to my place around 930. I open the door to my house and smell this God-awful smell. Almost like rubber burning. Definitely something burning. I begin searching for the source when I notice the heat isn't running and it's pretty cold in the house. Over to the landlord's we go... They check it out and deduce that there really isn't anything they can do until the heat guy comes in the morning, so they gave me $100 for us to spend on a hotel for the night.

We settled in to the Ramada Inn and tried to get some sleep, which wasn't the greatest sleep I've ever had but Oh well, I was glad the day was finally over. It felt like the longest day in history - one thing after another. My heat is fixed and running and mom and I are just hanging out now before heading back into JVille to hit up the Verizon store and get her a new battery. Baby girl is spending some quality time in my ribs before she begins the great descent - as I am FULL TERM today, hooray! She's almost here! And I got to talk to my love today for quite a while, even though the phone sucked, I still heard his voice which always makes me smile.

Phew, hope everyone else's day was a little less eventful than that, or if it was eventful it was good events!

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  1. Yay for being full term! When are you due??

    I love Golden Coral! It's the redneck, Alabama girl in me!!

    Glad you like my new header - it took me quite a while to get it just right.


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