You Know You're a Marine Wife When...

*First, a note of business, please head to my last post and ask me some questions. I've seriously only gotten like 3 or 4, and don't want to look like a loser, come on people!*

My friend Tamara, a fellow Marine wife (of a deployed Marine as well) posted these on myspace and I just had to share them, I find them quite entertaining. My notes and additions are in pink.

You Know You're A Marine Wife When...

- You can roll his sleeves better than he can.
(hubs always rolls his own, neither he nor I think sloppily rolled sleeves are acceptable, and although I don't roll his for him I will call him out when they aren't done well :-P)

-You know to stay off base between 1130-1400, unless you absolutely can't help it
(at least don't try to go anywhere near a place with food. Also, don't try to get off base/out of JVille between 1630-1830 or on/into JVille 0400-0600)

-You know his "last four" better than your own.
(I have to think, hard, about what mine is.)

-You find yourself up at night doing his MCI's because he has to get up early and needs to rest.

-You get out your ID at Walmart without thinking about it.

-You've said, "Good to go", "Roger that", or "oorah" without noticing.
(Good to go is def one of my most used phrases... oops)

-It only costs you $25 to have a child
(umm... it was free. Oorah, Naval Hospital)

-You've had a dog named "Sergeant", "Scout", or "Chesty"
(Chesty Puller, if you're confused... look him up, he's got some great quotes)

-You've used a crooked-neck flashlight with a red lens during a power outage because it was the only one you can find.
(And now he has it with him, hence why my mom says "We're taking the trash out in the DAYLIGHT I'm not feeling my way to the street tonight!")

-You think his skivvy shorts are hot.
(I thought most wives, like myself, laughed at these silly little things. They're AWFUL!)

-At a distance, you can pick out your husband out of 100 men with the same clothes and haircut.
(By the way he walks!)

-You're more "moto" than he is
(He calls me a motard, he thinks I'm going to get a high and tight...)

-You know that "field day" has nothing to do with a field.
(Yeah and it needs to be done in this house... I'm a mess)

-You know the exact day he switches from deserts to woodlands and vice-versa.
(But he doesn't, hence why I was running on base with his greens at 5am the day they switched)

-You know the exact measurements of his ribbons and medals on his uniforms.
(Actually I don't, I let him take care of that I just check for straightness)

-You get chills when you hear the Marines Hymn Play.
(Or you randomly hum it during the day, especially when you're apart and particularly missing him more than usual)

-You know better than to go to the commissary on or the day after pay day.
(O Good Lord!)

-You know how to cut a "high and tight"

-You know what boot bands are and find them all over the house.
(I'm still finding random gear parts... 6 weeks after he's left...)

-You can pack his sea bag better than he can.
(I was such a packing list nazi when he was getting ready for deployment, seriously, I was awful - "Where is this, why don't you have that? Why is that packed at the bottom??")

-You know what "motomail" is, and it's your lifeline.

(While I know what it is and I try to use it, it is not my lifeline I am, so far, not impressed)

-You know to pull your car over and prepare for colors at the end of the day, if you're really moto you get out of the car

-The National Anthem and any USMC recruiter commercials make you tear up (especially the new one - many will hear the call, few will be chosen - OORAH!)

-You have made a nosedive for a phone call that came up on the caller ID as "Private Name Private Number" or better yet you've gotten out of the shower with full soap on because of a "Private Name Private Number" call

Ok now it's your turn, how do you know you're a Marine/Army/Military wife? Add them in the comments (participation ladies, you get special points for it ;-D )


  1. Aw yay, this is like my post : ) Thank you for my award, I have to get on with it and respond although I am still taking the time reading your breastfeeding post and stressing out haha!!

  2. um, obviously, I have not a clue.
    But this was cute. I liked reading yours, but i Have nothing to add.
    i am thinking about a question to ask you.

  3. I posted it on my blog along with a few of my own additions... this list could get really long if this keeps up!!!

  4. i came across your page trying to find ideas for my hubbys care package and i just love your page your a great marine wifey
    semper fi

  5. i love your _____you know youre a marine wife

  6. Oh my goodness, You are such a strong woman and your such an inspirational Marine Wifey!! Good for you!

  7. You might like this...<3
    How To Piss Off A Marine Wife:

    o As Soon as you find out that she’s a Marine Wife proceed to tell her exactly how you feel about the war and how we shouldn’t be over there.
    o Follow that up with asking her how she feels about the president and the war.
    o Look surprised and say, “I don’t know how you do that! I could never let my husband do that!”
    o If she’s pregnant be sure to ask her if the military is going to send him home for the birth of your baby.
    o If her answer is no, act surprised and angry at the same time and proceed to badmouth the Marine Corps for their lack of empathy.
    o Tell her she should really consider getting additional life insurance since her husband has a good chance of not returning.
    o Remind her how lucky she is that her husband gets all that extra tax free money while he’s deployed.
    o Try to relate to her by saying you know just how she feels because your husband was out of town last month for a week.
    o Ask her how she can be faithful for 7 whole months and if she’s worried that her husband may cheat on her.
    o Inquire on whether or not her husband has killed anyone.
    o Be sure to ask her if when her husband comes home if he’s done with the military or if he has to go back.
    o If you’re a man be sure to hit on us because you think we’re “lonely.”

  8. Okay, I'll play. I'm the wife of an AF pilot, we're 15 years in. You know you're the wife of a pilot when
    -You ask if he has a visual of the kids
    -Instead of saying you are ready to go you say let's pull chocks
    -for the numbers 6-10 you turn your hand sideways and hold up fingers.
    -You ask him to brief you on something
    -when a new friend/stranger finds out what he does for a living and squeals asking if it feels like being married to Maverick, you roll your eyes and ask him to take the trash out.
    It's not the life I wanted, but it's a good life. God Bless.

  9. I love this. All of it is so true.
    Semper Fi, ladies.


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