Idling -Or Idoling- Away (Day 35)

Today I partook in a whole lotta nothin'! It was half awesome and half awful. Awesome because sometimes it's just nice to have those days where you don't do anything but lounge around, watch the tube, and play video games. Awful because I felt guilty for not doing anything to "help" in the labor process, but I mean really, how much am I actually "helping" anyway? So mom and I enjoyed sleeping in late, watching random TV and playing lots of Mario Bros Wii (we are so addicted to that game, and almost have it beat!)

We are now indulging in a little bit of American Idol. I think it's about time they call it quits on this show (I mean really, what is this season 37? And how many Idols do people really listen to/care about anyway?) but alas I'm enjoying the first (few) episodes because I love watching the awful auditions. I get a kick out of these people who think they can sing and they are just horrible. It makes me giggle, laughing at someone else's expense, always a plus. I thought of going to American Idol auditions once. Not because I can sing, because, well I am pretty tone-deaf. But because a friend of mine from high school was going to DC for the auditions and invited me to come along. Alas I ended up having things to do the day they went down and my hidden singing talents have since remained undiscovered (and my dignity intact). Damn, I could have been a super star much like the She Bangs guy...

One thing about American Idol, everyone has got a sob story. I've never heard so many "I sing to feed my babies and my dying grandma" stories before I started watching this. Do these stories help people to win? Why can't there just be someone who is like "I am here because I want to rock out? I am here because I want to be a rich and famous pop star? I am here because I want girls to flash me at my concerts?!" Where are the real stories, the true American stories?? Ok I will end my American Idol review with two last notes (unless something super noteworthy happens in the second half) 1. The 16 year old who sang "At Last" was my fave, I love that song and her voice was beautiful. 2. Ryan Seacrest is a tool.

In other, more personal news, day 5 no word from Hubs. Sticking to the mantra "No news is good news" and praying I get a call soon, I miss him oodles! Still preggo, obviously, and contractions are random, so will most likely be preggo on Thursday for my appointment. Someone's gettin' slapped.


  1. I watched American Idol too. That show has been on for so long. Where was Ellen? I thought she was going to be on there.

    I think sometimes the show makes it so predictable for you to guess whether they are a good singer or not, especially when they play one of their stories.

    I guess the producers figure that they will get votes or make it an interesting season.

    Sorry, you haven't heard from your hub :(

  2. Just said a prayer that your hubby is safe and calls you ASAP! You are so strong. :)

    I LOVE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS WII!! I play it all the time when my husband is away. My 6 year old brother beat it in a week!

    I am so sick of Idol. Carrie Underwood was the last really good singer to come from it - let it be over please!

  3. I stopped watching American Idol just because it has been on for so long and I just got bored with it. Sorry you haven't heard from your hubby! I bet your so excited to have the baby! I can't wait till my husband and I get ready to have one were going to try when we get stationed somewhere and get settled.


  4. I am finally returning from being MIA from blog world so long and I have so much to catch up on in your life! Off to read all I've missed! ;) I'm really sorry about not hearing from the hubby! I can imagine how hard that must be. Praying for ya!


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