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Ok so last night's post was pretty emotional so we definitely need some lightening up today, yes?

First, if you haven't been to Martinis or Diaper Genies yet, you need to. Amanda is freakin' hilarious (unless you're easily offended) and does a Confession Friday. My goal in blog-life was to make it on her page with one of my confessions and this confession week - I made it. It was a pretty gross story, but definitely not the worst (maybe I'll figure out which is the worst and make it on the Confession Friday mentions again?!)

Next, I want to go on a vacation. I mean, don't we all? But this vacation will be hard to plan, as it will be a post deployment vacation, so I can't even book anything *sad face* Here is what I need from you all. My dear husband never listened when both my mom and I suggested several times that he get a passport. So, unless they're giving out passports in 'Ghan (unlikely but possible), we need a state-side vacation. When he gets back we will be going to Florida to visit his family and he suggested we may go to the Keys? So what I need from you all are suggestions.

Have you been to the Keys? Is it worth it? Good places to stay/things to do/etc? What are some other state-side vacation ideas?? We're thinking late summer here. Remember I won't get much notice to book, so it'd be best if it were an East Coast option so we don't have to fly, but if you've got a way baller idea that includes flying, well I'll certainly consider it. Go ahead guys, give me some ideas!!

And last but certainly not least...

Hi, I'm Ariana Ralyn. I'm a camera-ham and I am 4 weeks old today (Does that constitute a month or do I wait til the 15th to say she's a month... still not sure how that works).

Don't forget to leave your vacation ideas!!


  1. The hubs and I were married there! We love it there. We stayed at a bed and breakfast called the heron house. There are alot of cute bed and breakfasts and hotels there. You can also stay at the naval air station. There is a lot to do there. You can shop and drink along Duvall street or Han out at the beach and marina. I love the keys!! If u want more information let me know

  2. Lol at your confession.... :)

    And I waited until the "date" to call it a month. Lol


  3. No advice on the keys...but what a cutie pie!

  4. Go to Destin, FL. It's within driving distance from where you are. Probably 10 hours - but totally worth it. It's on the Gulf Coast and the water is CRYSTAL clear and the sand is pearly white. It's the nicest beach I've been to in the US. So much nicer than anything on the east coast. We went there for our honeymoon and I loved it. It's such a great place!

  5. Ariana is sooo cute! I think a vacation will be just what you need when he gets home! So great to have something to look forward too! I think anywhere you go will be fun because you will be TOGETHER!

  6. We loved Key West! There's a lot to do and Duval Street is super fun...lots of bars and restaurants. I'm not sure if it would be a billion degrees in the summertime though because we were there in the dead of winter and it was like 75! Sarasota was really nice if you're looking for somewhere to just relax. The beaches are gorgeous but there's not a lot to do. Anywhere on the gulf side is beautiful (I think Amber was at Siesta Key and liked it a lot)! The water is so blue it's insane! Sorry for writing a novel, I already want to plan another vacation. :)

  7. Such a cute little picture. Oh I'm so jealous.... you are going to have such a great time!!

  8. I haven't been there, but block leave vacation is absolutely necessary after deployments, for him as well as you and the moment he gets home, make his butt get that passport so when the opportunity comes up again you can go somewhere a little more exotic!

  9. Ha. I have no idea how the age works. Will you always refer to her in weeks now??? Can you please calculate to months for me? thanks! :))
    I have been to Key West several times. My grandparents have a house there. The bad part, I have not been there since the age of 19. I loved it as a kid, and MY friends who are in their late 20's, early 30's go EVERY.YEAR and LOVE IT. The bar scene is great, and next OCtober when they go, I hope to go too!
    I saw your confession over at MODG! CONGRATS and that was a great one. I used to post confessions when I first started reading her a while ago. BUT..I am not ready to post my really good confessions to be made public! :)


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