Woo, what a week. I apologize for the lack of posting this week, but the title sums up my general feelings lately - overwhelmed. I suppose I'll start from the beginning with a little week recap.

I started working this week, working in a whole new sense of working while being pregnant, seeing that I had taken a short hiatus from the paycheck earning world. The first three days were "World Class Community Service" training days that all Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) employees are required to take. These three days covered everything from safety and security to drugs to being the best service provider ever. It was actually pretty fun, lots of group work type things and really not too too bad at all. Monday was 10-4 and Tue/Wed were 8-4. Much earlier than I'm used to and much longer days. Needless to say I was pretty tired each night and was in bed by 11 (SHOCKER!)

After those days of training, we headed to our places of work for our in-house orientations and trainings. These took place at the Child Development Center at Tarawa Terrace for me, my new place of duty. It was good to finally be back with the children. They were pretty easy days, on Friday we actually "assisted" (aka shadowed) in the rooms and filled in for people who needed breaks or lunches. Thursday was another 10am day and Friday an 8am. They were both pretty short days, but the exhaustion was really making itself known and I was pretty grouchy by the end of the week (sorry hubby!) It felt good to be back in the workplace but I could also tell already that it won't be easy.

This weekend has been pretty eventful. Friday we went and got new tires put on the truck. Since there was an hour wait and I was craving McDs, Hubs and I headed to the McDs down the road on foot - about 3/4 of a mile each way. Go me for getting all that exercise in (even though it was rewarded with bad-for-you food). We then spent some serious and much needed cuddle time in front of the tv.

Saturday we got to work cleaning the house (a total field day in USMC terms - I even cleaned the floor in the kitchen by hand!) then checked out the Onslow County Oktoberfest, which was a big fail (Onslow County fairs, I'm learning, are not too 'happening'). We met up with my friend Caitlin and her hubby and after seeing what a bust Oktoberfest was we came back to the house to devise a plan B. We ended up bowling and having dinner at Hooters (and spending way too much money, another reason I'm overwhelmed) but it was a super fun evening. Came back and watched Land of the Lost which, although pretty funny, I didn't make it through - I was out by 11!

Was up by 9 today (on my OWN! holy cow, this whole early going to sleep early getting up thing is really crazy to me!) and had a pretty typical Sunday. Ran some errands, watched some football. While we were out, we stopped by the Beirut and Vietnam memorials in Jacksonville. There is also a World Trade Center memorial with a piece from one of the centers. It was so humbling and sobering to see all these memorials and be reminded, once again, why we fight (and why we're waiting on those orders...). We then drove around and found a new back road place with a recreational area for picnics on the water! We always like finding new "spots." Although I was a bit put off by the "Beware of American Alligator" sign, it was a pretty awesome spot. When we got home I set out to making dinner, Mom's recipe for her famous home-made Mac n Cheese (I DID IT WOO HOO), pork chops, and peas. While the mac n cheese was in the oven, I also put in the laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Yeah, you can call me super wife.

I think the reason for being overwhelmed is now being in work I'll have less time to get my stuff done and I'm nervous about taking all the time off I need (doc appts, baby classes, holidays, etc) as well as the whole getting up early thing (this week I work from 630-1230 -- yeah, I have to BE there at 630 EEK!) As well as just being a grown up in general.. bill paying, money saving, house maintaining, having responsibility... Sometimes I just stop and think HOLY CRAP am I going to be able to manage all this? Hubs takes a minute to remind me that 1. I'm not managing it alone 2. Yes, we can manage it and 3. We're doing just. Fine.

And that being said, I've got to go pay some bills and then I'm going to enjoy a movie with the Mr.
Also, there may be pics later, my phone is being a jerk and won't send them online!


  1. You have to be at work at 6:30!!?? That is so early!! At least you get out early and can go home and nap! :)
    That is weird that your comments are not showing up!! I wonder why! I do not have any security settings on my blog.


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