A Few Points About This Moment (and the Previous Ones)

At this current moment (and a few moments over the past week):
  • There is a crap ton of yucky, cold, white sky poop on the ground. It's still coming. And the entire state of Maryland is shut down. So much for getting things done.
  • Yucky, cold, white sky poop is plotting a return next week. North Carolina sounds more and more appetizing as the days in Maryland go by...
  • There is a tiny little angel asleep on my lap, making the cutest cooing noises in the world.
  • Said tiny angel will be a whole month old in 5 days. Tiny angel's mommy is feeling both proud and oddly sad about this fact. My baby's growing up!!
  • There is a little extra weight on this blogger's body. Wii Fit this morning, told me I was overweight. And that I need to lose like 22 lbs. Ouch, Wii Fit, take it easy.
  • I will be working my buns off, literally, to nix said 22lbs before hubs come home. He will find me attractive and desirable. And so will I. (Meaning, I'm sure he'd find me attractive and desirable even if I'd grown a mustache, after such a long time in a desert with Marines... but I'd like to find me attractive and get that good ol' confidence he loves back and in full swing)
  • My identity may be in question. Best Buy sent me a letter congratulating me on my recent TV purchase and asked if I wanted Geek Squad protection. This TV was apparently bought on my last bday (12 Dec 09), when I was at my baby shower in JVille... Oh and it was bought in my maiden name. Best Buy, so far, has not been helpful in answering the question of whether or not someone has "borrowed" my identity. Nothing's showing up on my credit cards, so I'm left to wonder if someone decided to use me to open their own credit card and purchase a TV? Let the investigation commence!
  • My college has sent me to collections. For a 23 year old just heading out into the world I have immaculate credit. It is established and very high. I don't mean to toot my own horn but... beepity beep. Anyway, I get this notice from collections saying I owe my school 122 dollars. I've been out of school TWO years. I have never received a bill. I was on a full ride for school. All my bills had been taken care of... TWO years ago. Questionable identity again?
  • There is a certain Marine in a certain desert who is WAY missed. Ok, there are lots. But this one is particularly important to me and therefore to this blog. We have finally made it past the 2 month mark, so that's good... I miss him way bad, but I did get to talk to him for 46 minutes last night. It was pretty awesome. He sounds ok, but super tired. I can't wait to cuddle him. He's so warm. If he were here we most certainly would be playing in the snow, but since he's not I'm hiding out inside getting cabin fever.
  • Mom has cooked dinner and I'm going to go eat, when I return I will try to catch up on my fave bloggy friends. I've been a slacker, mostly because I'm never on the comp just my dumb Blackberry Storm and I haven't quite figured out Blogger for BBstorm. Sad.


  1. I can't believe she's almost a month old! I know what you mean though... now that Riley's 9 months old every newborn I see makes me want to cry. I thought that babies were *babies* longer... lol. xx

  2. Omg I cant believe your angel is nearly a month old already thats insaneee! I know you are missing your Marine but you sound so strong, I want to be a strong mummy like you!

  3. I hate dealing with Best Buy for issues like that. I never had my identity in question. When I moved to my own apartment, it took them probably around six months to correct the address, so the bill would be sent to my address. I called them numerous times, and even changed it online. Finally, it was resolved.

    Good luck!

  4. Yet ANOTHER reason why I HATE Best Buy and will never shop there again! Also, do you think the collections bill might be for a parking ticket or something? I used to pretend those didnt exist then someone told me they'd send you to collections for em... Good Luck!

  5. 22 lbs?? Can that thing also analyze your body style? Cause seriously, if I was a C-cup, I'd be the perfect weight. But since I'm a B (optimistically)...yeah...

    Enjoy your angel and your dinner tonight with family! :)

  6. I hate snow! We're covered in a couple feet of it down here.

    Don't worry about the baby weight :) Its amazing the ups and downs of that weight loss. You loose a bit, level off, drop a bit more, don't see any difference and then BAM! Your kid starts crawling or walking and you can't keep weight on you. Its a process. A long one. Just remember to not be hard on yourself or get frustrated. It takes our bodies 9 months to pack it on and takes a little longer sometimes to unload it and get back to normal.

    Happy (almost) 1 month birthday baby girl!!

  7. It feels like just a week ago I read that you just gave birth! Happy one month to your baby girl!!! And happy one month of mommyhood for you!
    I had the same issue with best buy. I used to get notes congratulating me on purchases and stuff. Then before I got married I started getting letter's regarding my spouse's transactions. This was before M was in the picture and I was single. To this day on my credit report they have a card for my under my married name which is correct but one under my maiden name which says I'm living in las vegas. I keep calling them and they say they don't see that in their system. They aren't helpful at all
    I'm sure you will lose the weight fast!! Have you tried Jillian Michael's dvd the shred. I hear it fabulous. I purchased it but it's still sitting in its wrapper I've been so busy. But I do go to the gym in the morning so I'm not all together lazy hehe. Ok this is the world's longest comment
    Hope your doing well

  8. Oh goodness I can't believe she will 1 month old already wow time flys. Yeah I don't like Best buy for reason such as that they suck..


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