Dear Little Baby Jesus (and other Christmas Happenings)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Mine was as good as it could be, considering.

Some highlights included

  • Church on Christmas Eve our pastor talked about Taladega Nights and how Ricky Bobby prays to Little Baby Jesus
  • TWO calls from hubs on Christmas Eve AND a wake up call this Christmas morning
  • A wonderful prayer for all those overseas AND their families at home that brought me to tears in church
  • A fabulous Christmas Eve dinner (pretty sure I mentioned this before, but it's basically my favorite part of any holiday)
  • Lots of leftovers and cookies
  • Good gifts for the whole P household, including some of my most-needed baby items that I was startin to stress about getting, and a piece of Americana art my mom got for me. It's a bunch of Americana photographs all put together to make a bigger pic of Elvis. It's greeeat!
  • Good gifts for my family, everyone seemed genuinely happy and greatful
  • Lots of time spent with my mommy today playing games
  • And of course, another day down, another day closer to Baby Girl's arrival and Mr. P's homecoming.

Hope you all had fantastic Christmases and enjoyed any and all time you got with your loved ones!!

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