Wintry Weather (Not For ME!) Day 12

Well apparently my hometown and several others in the area got slammed to the extreme with some wintry weather this weekend. Maryland was in a state of emergency and had gone under blizzard conditions. Luckily, the good ol' east coast NC where I hang my hat got none of this powdery white stuff.

I did, however, enjoy pretending we did! I woke up Saturday morning and after reading all my home-friends' snow statuses, got to craving hot cocoa. So I made a quick run to the g-store to plan for my snowed in day, without having to deal with actual snow day g-store madness. I got the items on my lovely WIC voucher before the expired in addition to LoftHouse cookies (OMG my faaaave), Orange Juice (we've been over this), hot cocoa, beef stew, and bottled water. Quite an assortment. Then I came home and proceeded to totally veg out for the day. Enjoying far too many LoftHouse cookies... oops.

The joy of the whole thing? I didn't have to go out and shovel a thing! I didn't have to clean my car this morning! I could have gone back to the store a hundred times if I wanted! The malls weren't closed, and while it was a madhouse out there in shopping land it was not a snow day mad house! It was pretty awesome.

Until around 10pm when I realized I was bored. But then it was late enough that I just vegged out some more til bed time. Haha. We all deserve our sit on the couch and watch movies and do nothing days. Especially those of us who will hit the NINE MONTHS pregnant mark on Christmas! Another happy note, is that with two feet a snow, it is likely I will still be able to enjoy the winter weather when I go home on Wednesday... after the roads/driveways/cars have been cleared.

Pretty awesome.
Hope the week continues to be awesome and you all have an awesome one as well!

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  1. So you're having your little one up where you're from? Better hope she doesn't want to make an early appearance before you get up there! Hee hee


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