Vehicular Tramp Stamps (Inking Your Car?!)

Ok so tramp stamps. Lower back tattoos. For those of you that have them, my apologies, this is not to offend you. I'm just gonna say me in particular, I am not a big fan. Well let's specify here. Tattoos on the lower back can be perfectly fine... cliche tattoos on the back... not my thing.


Sun design



Like I said above, no offense. If you have one of these and you love it, we can still be friends, chances are you probably think my tattoos are lame too. I just don't find them attractive nor creative. I think tattoos should have some kind of meaning (yes, I'm one of thoooose people) and not just be some decoration the show off your ass-crack. Actually, I've got a few friends that hate tattoos and think they're all tacky and while I am in love with my tattoos I just disregard those opinions, so if you're a tramp-stamp lover feel free to disregard this post.

Anyway, tramp stamps are not even my point for posting this, I just wanted to make sure we were all in the know of what I define as "tramp stamp" and that I don't like them to begin with. This is my blog so my definitions. Word.

I've noticed with some frightening frequency that tramp stamps have begun popping up in a whole new and utterly trashy way... on vehicles!
(This part of the post is slightly ticking me off because I can not find a photo online to demonstrate)
Basically, there have been quite a few cars I've been behind here in good ol' J-Ville, NC that have a small, generic, tramp-stamp-esque decal on their back window. One was literally a tribal design (my least favorite of the 'stamps) about 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide right over the girl's break light (the center light in the middle of the window that should, by no-means, be covered!) I've also seen NUMBERS of flowered ones... and a couple suns.
This is kind of what I mean, except the ones that annoy me most are smaller and down at the bottom, a la tramp stamp fashion. This one is slightly annoying but not the worst. Still ticked I didn't take a pic of the one on the road that day...

Now, I'm all about car stickers, only ones that don't obstruct your view of course. I've personally got a Phi Mu sticker on the bottom of my back window (NOT covering any lights) and an I HEART MY MARINE (Yeah, those cheesy ones that I know people blog about how much they hate, too) on there as well. But seriously people, stamping your car with a lower back tattoo design?? Really? Not cute, pointless, and two thumbs down.

Hopefully I didn't just offend all of my readers. We can still be friends... I just won't ride in your car, and will probably swear at you when following you anywhere ;-)


  1. A girl I went to high school with had a tramp stamp that MATCHED her car's tramp stamp. True story.


  2. I've seen those on cars before. I don't really like them. What I really don't like is when a car has a sticker of the type of car they drive. Honestly, can we not tell just by looking at it?! LOL.

  3. Better on your car then permanently on your back, right?

    I totally agree....I'm so over cliche tattoos...I think tattoos are beautiful art, but when you get something random like a tribal symbol or a hibiscus on your lower back or sometimes anywhere for that matter, it's clear you didn't really think about what you wanted on your body for the rest of your life.

    But I agree, I can still be friends with people who have those tattoos...I just think they're silly.


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