Goals, Goals, Goals (I Need Your Help on This One Please!)

So, I've decided to help me pass the next 8 months, I'm going to construct and execute a set of Deployment Goals. A list of things to do to keep myself busy and enrich my own life while my husband is away. These goals can be characteristic things (like being more positive and thinking of other's perspectives) or tangible things to do (like learning a new language). We must remember that I am preggers and will have a newborn very, very soon, so unfortunately some of the neat things I want to do will have to wait for a lil (like participating in a triathalon). So, what are some of your ideas of things that you'd do to enrich your life and keep busy while hubby is away. I wanna hear em!

Here are the ones I've come up with thus far:
  1. Remain more positive and remember that other people have bad days too. Think outside my own perspective.
  2. Learn a new language. Hubs suggested Italian so I can teach it to him when he gets home, then we can take our honeymoon to Italy.
  3. Learn to knit and make something cute for Ariana.
  4. Finish our scrapbook
  5. Volunteer somewhere, maybe somewhere with animals
  6. Get my house clean and packed up
  7. Pay off credit/loans and save, save, save!


  1. Awesome blog...I am ging to follow it...

  2. Reading always makes the time go by, if you enjoy it.

    The knitting thing is a good idea too. So many cute things you could make for baby.

  3. Yay for learning a new language, if you ever took spanish or french that will really help you with the Italian.

    Also, yay for volunteering, although aren't you supposed to stay away from cat poop when you're pregnant? But being around animals lowers your blood pressure and that will be so good for baby p. :)

    Regarding #1, everyone has bad days, for different reasons, and it's not helpful to think that anyones is worse than anyones else. So staying positive will be so good for you, the baby, and your husband. I mean...he doesn't want you staying home and being upset and stressed, right?

    You're so grown up and mature, well I guess we both are, from those old days at the Dhall....I miss you and am excited that you are doing the best thing for yourself: staying positive and setting goals!

  4. I think those are incredible goals! I would love to learn French better and I've always wanted to learn hot to knit!

  5. Aw great list. Those are very realistic goals and productive! :))


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