Purdy-in' Up

Yay! My blog is getting prettier!! I'm very excited. I would like to thank Ambs for point me in the direction of Shabby Blogs, they've got all kinds of stuff to spice up your blog.

I'm also SUPER proud of my new header, which I made myself using Picnik, a really neat photo editing website that I use when I don't have PSP on my computer! Yay for pretty and pink!

The two end pictures are mine, obviously I didn't take them but they were given to me, so they're mine, and the center photo I found here and did not take or have given to me.


  1. I found Shabby Blogs today too! I am doing my best to increase the following of my blog and make it prettier too! Yours is looking so good!

    Love your blog. Please tell your hubby that I say thank-you for all that he does. I have always been very patriotic and appreciative of our armed forces. But my baby brother is in Navy boot camp as we speak. Having a family member actually serving brings a whole new perspective to what it means to be in the armed forces. I'm so grateful for your husband's sacrifice (and for yours!) Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw, it is looking super cute! The website I used was http://www.threecolumnblogger.com/2008/09/three-column-minima-layout-version.html. It goes through it step by step so it's pretty easy to follow. :)


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