I'm Not Sleeping (Doesn't Mean I Don't Wanna Be)

Why can't I sleep?! If you say "because you're blogging" well you are just some-witty, aren't you? But seriously, I've been just laying here for a while now. It's not like I don't want to be sleeping. I've got a day jam-packed with travel tomorrow, and should be well-rested so I can 1. Find the train station and 2. Figure out how exactly to get on my train and all that jazz. But alas, I'm just here, hangin out...

I think part of it is the smell. There's this weird smell that creeps through this area, mostly at night and the wee hours of the morning. I remember in the early, early days of my pregnancy it would send me into hormonal rage. The smell makes me feel sick and head-achey and then I would get angry that there was this smell that was taunting me that I could do nothing about. I'm beginning to feel that way again, especially when I woke up with a pounding head and way strong smell this morning. I asked a neighbor if they had any idea what it was and she seemed clueless, said it might be the water treatment plant nearby... but to me it smells like burny-plasticy-rubbery yuck smell. Not like doo-doo or anything. I don't know.

And of course the other obvious part is that Mr. P isn't here and let's be realistic, how many of you really sleep well when your husbands are gone? It's part of marriage, you don't sleep when your other half is absent. Also, I didn't get a call from him tonight. Not that I have been every night, but he mentioned calling me again today last time we talked so I kind of expected it and it never happened. For the most part, I try to block out exactly where he is and what he's doing, but sometimes it creeps in and it makes me scared/anxious/sad. Trying not to think about it, but clearly it's been on the backburner, simmering in my mind tonight. I miss him oh, so much.

Funny story... Last night I got to talk to him online (I can't believe I didn't tell you this story yet!) we were chatting on facebook and he had to get off (they get 1/2 hour on the computer and 1/2 hour on the phone) and he was waiting for a phone to call me. Knowing that waiting for the phone can take a while, I kept doing what I was doing and just toted the phone with me. Took the trash out, did the dishes... I needed to take a shower. So I decided to go for it. Shampoo? Check. Conditioner applied? Check. Body soaped? Check. RIIIIIIING. Conditioner in hair, soap on body... JUMP out of shower. I tried to put it on speaker phone while I toweled off the soap and just put my conditioner-drenched hair in a towel but it failed, so there I stood, toweling off and robing up while holding the phone talking to hubs. But seriously, when your hubby calls from halfway around the world and you haven't talked to him in any number of time, are you really gonna take the time to rinse? Nope. I enjoyed our 1/2 hour of conversation and then of course jumped back into the shower and rinsed off... I think being able to smoothly and quickly exit a shower while pregnant and covered in soap is one accomplishment that really needs to be acknowledged though. Go Me.
If only I had a shower phone like this guy....

I really wish I heard from him tonight. Bleh. I hate the days/nights that I don't... they make the day seem so much loooonger. Well I suppose I really should try to catch some zzz's...
Night all (or should I say Morning??)

And for anyone who wants to know, Baby Girl currently has the hiccups :)


  1. Eew. When I was pregnant smells got to me too. The laundry detergent I used smelled like cat poop to me. Everything I would put on made me gag and I'd ask Hubby, "does this smell like poop to you!?" and he'd say it smelt fresh and clean. It really sucked... and other things like Hubby's cologne, and the smell of cheese, made me gag... Lol


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