Sleepless Nights (Day 13)

When I haven't heard from him in a while, sleep does not come easily.
I slept maybe a full total of 2 hours this past evening. I went to bed at 3am, it is now 8am, and half the time in between was spent tossing and turning and trying to will myself into dreamland.

However, as I finally fell (back?) asleep sometime after 719am (last time I looked at the clock...) I dozed off just enough to have a dream that I had finally gotten a phone call. And here I am awake because the phone actually did ring about a half an hour or so later! I'm pretty sure, especially now, that I am psychic.

Last night was not fun, I had myself all worked up about not hearing for a while and then this morning right when I needed it most was the voice I needed to hear most in all the world. Amazing how just a few minutes can turn your whole day around. I think now I'm going to try to actually sleep!

Oh, and happy Monday everyone!

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