Riding the Rails (Clickity Clack to Maryland)

Yesterday, I took my first train ride. I'd have to say overall it was a huge success and I am now pretty much a train fanatic. I could see myself riding trains everywhere!

Reasons why the train is great:

  1. You don't have to drive. Just to and from the train station station, that's it.
  2. You don't have to go through years of security and metal detectors/brain scanners to board.
  3. You can walk whenever you want. No seatbelt sign, no waiting on the captain to say it's ok. In fact, they even start moving before you sit.
  4. You can bring your own foods and drinks, there is a place to buy food if you forgot to bring some (or you're tired of the PB&J you did pack).
  5. You can stand up and streeeeetch
  6. You don't have to put your whole trip on pause to go pee
  7. There are outlets at each seat, Hello movies on the laptop
  8. Way cheaper than plane tickets and the price for just me was also cheaper than gas, etc. to drive
  9. Train stations are really cute!

Reasons why the train is a little sketch:

  1. Bathrooms, while numerous, are pretty freakin' dirty and very smelly

All in all the pros definitely outweighed the cons (even though I do go to the bathroom frequently, I found a way to deal) and I am now a big advocate of train travel. Mom and I are riding business class (woah-hoah) on the way back, so we should have bigger comfier seats with more leg room and better foot rests and free sodas.

Now I am just going to enjoy time at home with the fam. Mom and I are about to bake up some cookies (even though she cheats and buys cookie-dough) and the Christmas Eve brings family church time and a big delicious family dinner. Can't go wrong there. I love the tradition of going to mass on Christmas Eve and I am soooo looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner (as you can tell from my last post, I'm looking forward to any dinner...)

Hope you all have wonderful Christmas Eves and Christmas Days!


  1. I want to ride on a train so badly! We are going to watch my brother graduate from boot camp in January and we will take the train into Chicago - I'm so excited! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


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