For the Love of Smooth Skin (Laser Surgery?) Day 14

Ok first and foremost. I have a stretch mark. I've said it, it's true. GAHHH!!! I think I'm going to have a meltdown.
So, I have had a couple on my hip areas for a lil bit, but those were ok, because they were on the side and seemed easy to hide. But then yesterday I discovered it. One lone stretchmark. On. My. Belly. I'm officially so over this pregnancy thing. I would like my daughter to just be here already and discontinue stretching my poor skin.
I have been told there's not even a way to get rid of these ugly battle wounds. How do celebs do it? You can't tell me Nicole Richie went from skeleton to big ol' watermelon in 9 months flat with out a simple line of stretch. There's gotta be some celebrity secret. And I want it. Now.
Explain this to me. Please.

In other news, it's 2 weeks since Mr. P left. These are the meals I have cooked since he has gone:
* Beef stew and noodles
* Beef stew and rice
* Chicken nuggets and left over mashed potatoes
* Chicken nuggets and noodles.

Noticing any patterns? And yes, that's beef stew from a can, plopped in a pot and heated up on the stove.

Who's happy to be going home to Maryland tomorrow and indulging in mommy's cooking?
Yes, that would be me.

Sad how fast domesticity flies out the window when the hubby leaves...

Hope you all are enjoying your week!

Oh, and if you're wondering how fat I am now...
35 weeks
And yes, the lone trouble maker is in this pic. Please don't try to hunt it/point it out/look at it in any way. Belly pics are not cute anymore. :(


  1. Oh, I didn't get any stretch marks until the last few weeks either. I was so proud that I went so long without any and then BAM! overnight, the little suckers were there. And are still there... Sigh. I fully believe they are hereditary though because I literally bathed in tummy butter but I got stretch marks just like my mom did. So, maybe Nicole Richie didn't get any (lucky bitch) but Katie Holmes DID!!! And I haven't seen Christina Aguilera's belly since she gave birth so maybe she got some too...?! *hugs*

  2. Dear Mrs. P,
    I am back-reading through your posts, because you are real and you are funny. I got directed here from another blog due to your sad news. Gut wrenching and entire world ending. Totally a worst nightmare. Despite this, you are strong and getting through your days. You are amazing and somehow your words new and old are helping me! I am loving reading your early deployment posts, that is where I am at now - for the second time. I relate so so so much to your everyday deployment life. Hmm I have my chicken nugget days and weeks to! I am an Aussie and we have it much easier then you guys. 6 months stints etc. I am into the US blogs as you guys have it so hard, yet do so well. I hope and pray (hard) that time moves quickly and these weeks will become years and one day you will wake up and it doesn't hurt so much. This blog is making a difference to me and many others. Thank you. xox


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